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“We want homework!”

The core competence is the ability to boil, cook, and develop products.

We are a company that loves new product development!

Product development concept “Our promise!”

1.We guarantee safety and security (manufacturing based on Isobe theory)

  • No umami seasonings, colorings, preservatives or fragrances are used.
  • Carefully select raw materials for higher safety in consideration of residual pesticides and environmental pollutants.
  • We will not compromise on food hygiene management or environmental improvement.

2.Continue to pursue “to be delicious”

  • We use carefully selected domestic ingredients.
  • We thoroughly implement handmade cooking processes that do not allow any compromise in quality.
  • We will make every effort to make existing products even more delicious.
  • We aim to create products that you will want to eat again and recommend to others.

3.Aiming for a fusion of tradition and innovation.

  • We will pass on the “food culture” of Yonezawa, the castle town of Uesugi with a long history, and the “simmering technique that has been passed down from generation to generation” for 172 years.
  • With our abundant product development capabilities and reliable technology, we aim to be a company that is selected and nominated by our customers by creating new “food impressions” in the shape of what our customers want.

Isobe Philosophy

Isobe Philosophy “Four Principles of People Engaged in Good Food”.

We make food products based on the Isobe philosophy. The Isobe Philosophy is based on the book “Distinguishing Foods” (Iwanami Shinsho) by Mr. Akisaku Isobe, who has been advocating the ideal way of making food since 1950. It is a movement to make foods with no deception. In addition, in order to manufacture and sell good foods, we are involved in food making in compliance with the following four principles.

1.Careful selection of ingredients.

The main and sub ingredients of the products are carefully selected for higher safety, even if it is not perfect, considering the residual pesticides and environmental pollutants in agricultural, livestock and marine products from the original to the auxiliary material and seasonings.

2.Genuine at the processing stage.

Avoiding bulking materials for cheating and additives used for the unilateral convenience of the manufacturer, we will devote ourselves to producing high quality foods by making full use of the technology we have cultivated.

3.A corporate stance that is unyielding to the environment of the times.

A corporate stance that is unyielding to the environment of the times.
To maintain a stubborn and firm belief-based attitude that is not influenced by fashion.

4.Emphasis on relationships with consumers.

Even manufacturers, who have frank exchanges with consumers and listen humbly, keep in mind the position of 99% consumers.

Introduction of Main Equipment

Samsung high pressure steam cooking pot
180kg / batch

Self-rotating stirring steam pot with automatic kneader

Samsung 2 high pressure steam cooking pot
240ℓ 3 units

Sakai Seisakusho filling machine MN-03CS
(With 40ℓ tank)

Furukawa Seisakusho rotary automatic wrapping machine + cup filling machine / FVV-10-220N
25 cycles / minute

SEALPAC deep drawing type fully automatic vacuum packaging machine set / PRO14
10 cycles/ minute

SEALPAC gas replacement semi-automatic trace sealer M1
6 cycles / minute

X-ray foreign matter inspection device

amsung SGC retort cooking sterilizer

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